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The 7th International Piano Master-Course/Piano Workshop 2008


was being held between the 4th and the 12th of July 2008

Under Distinguished Patronage of Mayor of the City of Rzeszów


Our Sponsors and medial Patrons were such local Firms and Institutions, as PPUH TABLITEK, ZETO, GREINPLAST, ELEKTRA, NEWS 24, SUPER NEWS, TV-POLAND, POLISH RADIO, Catholic Radio VIA and the TV Broadcast Station of the City of Rzeszów.



Mrs. Jolanta Nizanska, a Head of the College extended warm greetings to our Dear Guests at the very beginning of the entire event…



From the left: Ms Gigiberia Gvantsa and Prof. Tengiz Chitaishvili came just from the Tbilisi, The Capital of Georgia; Philip Kwoka (from Florida/USA, in the red T-shirt) this year just watched, how the things were going on… On the right side: Ayham Hammour from Damascus/Syria at the lesson given by Prof. Chmielewski.



From the left: Santa Ignacé came to us from Dublin/Ireland –this very talented young pianist formerly studied in Riga/Latvia, where she is actually from. On the right: our Guests from Guadeloupe/France – Mrs and Mr Beer traditionally have come to us with their two amazing musicians and as well daughters: Alicia and Cecile.



From the left: Mr Katinas is a concert pianist from Lithuania. On the right: Ms Pankova and Ms Vilshanetskaya are still the students of Prof. Rapita in the Music Academy in Lviv/Ukraine.


Jazz-concert given by Mrs Katarzyna Stankowska was the one of most exciting evenings within the entire run of the course.


Thanks to the real generosity of our Dear Sponsors – our Course in 2008 has got the truly great graphical cover. We were visible everywhere in the City…


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4.    5.

From the left: Ms Alicja Oktabska after performance of 1st Part of the Concerto in d of J. S. Bach (1),  Ms Ewa Danilewska after her performance of 2nd and 3rd Parts of the Concerto KV 467 of W. A. Mozart (2), Ms Radoslava Jasik after performance of 2nd and 3rd Parts of the Concerto KV 488 of W. A. Mozart, Mr. Lukasz Chrzeszczyk after his performance of 1st Part of the Concerto in a of R. Schumann (4) and Mr. Hubert Rutkowski after the Polish first public performance of the Piano Concerto of T. Leszetycki (5). The State Philharmonic Orchestra in Rzeszow was perfectly conducted by Mr Tomasz Chmiel, Ph.D.


 The bus stop near to the Philharmonic Hall…

Below: several photos giving you an idea about the City, our free-time activities, objects we have visited, etc. Welcome!



Below: several photos that would give some light on our teaching-style and the forms of being just together…















Apart from the Gala-Concert, we have given another truly great public, so called – Chamber Concert, which included tens of the solo productions. At the photo above (at the left side): Ms Hanna Pankova before the 1st Part of the very big Sonata in b flat of S. Rachmaninov. On the right: the very intensive work at the classes yet, is the most real core of our Course-work. Here on the photo: Ms Joanna Sobota working on the Ballad in g of F. Chopin.


Honest friendship and smile could easily be interpreted the as most significant marks of our Courses, as are the real artistic professionalism and a sincere passion for the music making. On the photo above, from the left: Dr Szczepanski, Prof. Rapita, Mrs Stankowska, Mr Bogumil Sobota – the Good Spirit of the Course, Dr Knapik and Michalina, a daughter of Her. 



In the 2008 year, the Scholarship Prof. Janina Butor in memoriam had been granted to Mr. LUKASZ CHRZESZCZYK, who actually (2008…) studies the piano in the High School of Music in Kielce/Poland under artistic guidance of Mr. Andrzej Domin. Our greater Congratulations to The Pupil and to The Master! This is the real honor to me to inform that some months after, Lukasz had been awarded at the three serious musical competitions: the National Bach Piano Competition in Gorzow/Poland, the National Piano-Duo Competition in Torun/Poland and at the International EPTA Piano Copetition in Cracow/Poland. At the autumn 2008 he played concerts in Ukraine and Slovakia (at the Spring 2009 he played several recitals in Finland).

Also the few another of our participants were awarded in the same and also in different competitions:


From the left: Mr. Kamil Borkowski won the International Piano Competition in Görlitz/Germany getting the Grand Prix (Il Primo Premio Assoluto), as well he got the Grand  Prix at the IX Silesian Piano Competition in Zabrze/Poland. Ms Radoslawa Jasik had been awarded by the 1st Prize on the National BACH Piano Competition in Gorzow/Poland and Mr. Grzegorz Nowak got the award playing together with Lukasz in the National Piano-Duo Competition in Torun/Poland.


You are truly Great, Dear Friends!

Any question? Just post your comment! Thank you!

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