Question 3.

 I do find I have another problem right now: still the left-hand side of the revolutionary etude! I feel the passage is not as smooth as it could be. In other words, there are small bumps, although the problem is not that severe. Perhaps it has something to do with the piano. I don't have a real piano, but a Yamaha digital one. I find it is much more difficult to play this kind of passage on my piano than on a, say, Steinway grand piano.


 I do not believe, your problems have something to do with your digital Yamaha; personally, I prefer the acoustic pianos too, but yours troubles surely have theirs roots NOT in the mechanical features of yours keyboard. Besides, I just so strongly like a sound produced on the common piano because it naturally contains its own aliquots, which do not exist in the digitally generated sounds of any e-piano. Sometimes, really, those digital keyboards could be more sensitive to even very small extra-tension in the players' hands, and therefore maybe the digital Yamaha gives a possibility to polish the piano technique extremely well...? Shortly said: your ability to create and control the moving image of the sound has to become enlarged very strongly.

Look, I personally teach a very blind student, musically seen – the truly brilliant one. Once I have seen, how he checks up the written text using a special, Braille signs equipped tester attached to his PC's keyboard: it happens as fast as he would actually checked a document using the high tech laser reading device! I formerly not even believe, something of this kind could ever be possible – still it was! This experience has given me very much: we all must believe, we CAN, and we HAVE TO improve our creative hearing's strictness! It acts in the virtual space, it moves only in our imagination and it has the very subtle objects to control; so – it should act in a speed of light. As well, our LIBERATE fingers should act in the adequately high level of exactness: they just really must be liberated from any extra tension, from any kind of the physical stiffness, which doubtlessly always IS BEING PROVOKED by the invalid action of our brains. Look at the files linked to this file!

Thank you!

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