Question 13.

Daniel wrote: I think I have finally understood the art of touch! I sat down looking on your writings, thinking about what my teacher said last lesson - and "boom"! I had it! Now I understand how the weight works and why the wrist is the most critical joint; "if this (the wrist) get tense the game is over" - as you write. I feel very glad I understood it but could not understand why I did not understand it earlier? What do you consider would be the best way to automate this touch up to the unconsciousness' level? Is it necessary to practice this as technique or since I once understand it, would I do right in trying to transmit it to my pieces immediately?


 Thank you very much for such joyful message! I must still remind that the miracles of that kind you have written about, sometimes, could have quite a short lifetime. Do not be disappointed if at some beautiful morning (afternoon or evening) you will experience some old troubles again. This might happen too, that you might be constrained to look over and again for these comfortable feelings in your mind & body when playing the piano within even long period.

 Now I would like to stress again the crucial role of some elements of the matter:

- Discovering of the proper Zone of sound's dynamic and spiritual value

- Origination of the sound's vision of proper intensity and putting it into motion in the player's (yours own) imagination.

 The first element plays the key role in the mechanic part of playing - giving possibility to the economical usage of energy. The next one makes the playing alive for the player, as for the listeners as well - sufficiently focusing his/her attention on the musical action.

 As I think, you do not have to ask - "why so late". We all, the human beings, are of "so hard to understand" nature; therefore it will be better just to enjoy this new quality in your playing then to ask about WHY so late such miracle has happened!


In my opinion you do not have to deliberate such questions as "automatization of the touch - up to the unconsciousness' level" - for instance. It is just necessary to define this as the technique that might greatly help you in making sense in your tries to create artistic ideas and transform they immediately into artistically beautiful sounding form of the music you actually will interpret. Much Luck!

Yours comments - maybe?