Summer Piano Master Courses in Poland

Some photos, starting from the year 2002...

The photos below could give you only an approximate image of our Course, its atmosphere & spirit...

Attention, please! Our Summer Piano Master Courses have experienced quite a remarkable change: we have found the new place on the Earth for this very special artistic & educational project. Starting from the year 2008 we invite our Participants to the City of Rzeszow, which is very famous for its hospitality and the exceptional love for music!

You are very kindly Welcome to the forthcoming Classes, too!

The City of Olsztyn: a general view of its oldest part.


This is how the new building of the Olsztyn Music Center and its Concert Hall will look alike after the two or three years...


Well, in 2002 we started with Michal (this younger one, of course).

In 2004 Mrs. Olga Lazarska just came to visit the Course...

New friendship is always welcomed: Julia Feuerbacher from USA and Xiumin, from Singapore.

Jagoda playing the D Major Concerto of J. Haydn

Natalia Lentas - op. 15 of Beethoven; Natalia has been awarded by the 'Prof. Janina Butor in Memoriam' Scholarship in 2004.

Lin Xiu Min - op. 11 of Chopin

Somebody must hear & help...!

Rachmaninov's, The 3rd - Mateusz Moleda (Dresden, Germany).

Empathy and Mastery: Mr. Piotr Wajrak, one of the most interesting Polish young musicians and conductors.

Visiting the horse-breeding farm...

...some minutes later...!

THEY clearly are feeling well...!

Mateusz Moleda, Gracjan Szymczak, Joanna Rozewska, Mateusz Kowalski, Michal Kozlowski, Michal Kurowski, Joanna Sobota, Maria Peryt – participating at the lesson of theory and history of the piano.

Flowers and small gifts traditionally are finishing the Course; our Greater Thanks to the Mayor of Olsztyn!

Mr.Tadeusz Korpal, a Head of the State College of Music in Olsztyn, is speaking.



Mr. Artur Bielecki (Music Academy of Wroclaw, Poland) and Prof. Vladimir Slobodyan ('S. Rachmaninoff' College of Music in Kaliningrad, Russia) worked at our Courses in 2004 –2005.

Mrs. Oxana Rapita, The Associate professor of the Academy of Music in Lviv (Ukraine), works at our Courses since 2006.


Prof. Valery Shatsky, A Head of the Piano Department of The State Music Academy in Minsk (Belarus) was our Guest Professor in Olsztyn/2007.

Having a break; Ania, Janina and Karolina in action...

Important things should be discussed in the time!

Pawel Sobowiec – Beethoven, the 3rd...

Oleg Shesha (the student of Prof. Slobodyan in  Kaliningrad, Russia) after brilliant  performance of the 2nd & 3rd Part of Concerto in A Minor of Grieg.

Philip Kwoka (the student of Dr. R. Rust; USA); in 2005 he performed the 1st Part of Concerto in G Minor of Mendelssohn, but in 2007 he brilliantly played the 3rd Part of the Chopin's Concerto in E Minor, op. 11...!


Michal Kozlowski after excellent performance of Fantasy op. 13 of Chopin;  Michal has been awarded (2005)  by scholarship given by the International  ‘Krystyna Jamroz’  Music Festival in Busko.

Szymon Nehring; this 11 years old real artist from Cracow (he studies under Prof. O. Lazarska), in 2007 had played the 1st Part of Piano Concerto in A Minor of J. N. Hummel and in 2011 – the 1st Part of the Beethoven 3rd Piano Concerto.


GwennaŰl arrived from Guadeloupe and Phu arrived from Salzburg (Mozarteum); still Olsztyn could to them both be one of the most important Cities in the World…

The 1st Part of the Chopin’s op. 11 and at the piano Mss. Julia Kociuban from Cracow (13 years old…!). Julia has been honored by the scholarship ‘Prof. Janina Butor in Memoriam’, 2005.

Piotr Lukaszczyk in 2005 brilliantly performed the 1st Scherzo of Chopin; in 2007 he played the Mephisto-Waltz of Liszt, but in 2011 – the 1st Part of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto op. 23.

In 2006 our traditional Symphonic Gala Concert took place at the Town Hall of the City of Olsztyn.

In 2006 we went to experience the beautiful nature of Warmia region.

And have visited the House-Museum of one of the Polish most beloved modern poets – Konstanty Galczynski.

Pawel Wakarecy has been awarded (2005) by scholarship donated by ‘Cavaliers of Saint George’ Lions Club of Guadeloupe: two weeks long stay on this Paradise Island and participation at the Piano Master-Course for free as well. In 2011 he was the Very Special Guest of our Courses in Rzeszow...

Yulia Talyzina from Lviv (Ukraine) had so brilliantly performed a one of the most joyful piano concertos of Mozart, KV 450 in B flat Major; she studies under Prof. Rapita.

Joanna Kacperek (Warsaw) belongs to the rather large group of the "new faces" on artistic horizons of our Courses...

Marcin & Grzegorz arrived from Kielce; here – after brilliant performance of one Part of the Sketches for the Piano of V. Gavrilin

Improvising jazz? From the left: Michal, Julia... From the right: Pawel. But in the real center of the photo? Wow! Their beloved tutor – Ms Kasia Stankowska!

Lukasz arrived from Kielce, too; here – just a while after performing the Prelude in B flat Major op. 23 No 2 of Rachmaninoff; a new, creative and the really vital artistic personality is actually being born... In 2012 he is a winner of truly many competitions of the piano...

Marcin & Monika (Katowice, Rybnik/Wrocław) have got much joy playing the   Scaramouche of Milhaud!

The 2nd & 3rd  Parts of the Piano Concerto op. 58 of Beethoven, played by Tomasz Kaczmarek (Wroclaw), have got the longest applause of the entire 2007-Course...

Mrs. Iwona Zajac and THEIR Son, Tomek (Jerzy, the Father, could not come this time) – are living in Gdynia, a one of the most tourist-friendly Polish Cities. Year by year they are strongly going toward the very comprehensible goal: better & better understanding of essentials of the Life and Art... Tomek is a prize-winner of very many piano competitions of the international level.

All the photos put on this Page have been done by Mr. Bogdan – the definitively BEST bass-guitarist among the Polish entrepreneurs, ever!

In any case, even the actual building of the Olsztyn College of Music, sharing a seat with the Philharmonic Orchestra, looks very well!   

The City Hall of Olsztyn is always beautiful, but in the nights... - wow!


Here you will see how we worked at Rzeszˇw-2008, but here – some photos from the year 2009, when here could be found the reports informing about our Courses completed in 2010. Let you have a look on these files. Thank you!


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                                                                            - Stefan Kutrzeba


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