F. F. CHOPIN (1810 - 1849)

"Yes, one must admit that Chopin has genius in the fullest sense of the word - he is not only a virtuoso, he is also a poet. He can embody the poetry that lives within his soul: he is a tone-poet. He is then neither a Pole, nor a Frenchman, he reveals then a higher origin, one perceives that he comes from the land of Mozart, Raphael and Goethe..."

(Heinrich Heine; 1797-1856)

However the piano literature because of its largeness, and due to its whole charm & beauty cannot be compare to literature composed for any other instrument, a real glory of the piano rather sporadically becomes experienced in piano classical performances. This happens maybe not because of such specific kind of "barbarity", which sometimes marks the piano sound - many pianists are able to play using even very beautiful tone - but firstly, due to certain musical "immobility" that is so characteristic to "classical" piano performing.

Though, in history of teaching the piano exists a method that might be used as incomparably powerful help in searches for real bel canto in playing the piano: it is the Chopin's Method. This site tries to interpret this great piano-pedagogic system in details.

The whole brilliance of piano music, from Scarlatti and Mozart - to Ravel and Szymanowski, its artistic significance and extension, from Bach and Beethoven - to Chopin and Debussy, its humor and vitality, from Rameau - to Poulenc and Stravinsky, etc, etc - these all aspects of the great piano literature could come to light thanks to the Chopin Method's help. The Chopin's formula presents truly exceptional worth for the pianists and could be seen as the piano teaching tool of the key importance. As well it is the very source of inspiration for all the musicians in spite of theirs actual specialty.

Doubtlessly imagination is the ability, which makes possible any thinkable progress. And only knowing HOW such miraculous power could practically been used in our everyday musical practice, we would be able to keep our work on the really professional level. Chopin Method's excellence actually consists on its relation to creative artistic fantasy that - according to it - becomes the factual ruler of art of practicing, playing and teaching the piano.

Any serious artistic formula, of course, speaks something about fantasy, still the Chopin's one teaches HOW to practically use this miracle in everyday piano practice. Therefore every pianist who likes to know - how one can increase his/her piano-artistic potentiality, ought to become acquainted with it.

Please, let you be patient yet: due to complicity and importance of the matter and because of my serious will to shape the possibly workable, efficient & useful image of the Chopin's Method, I actually would like to illumine it by many various sorts of light. It will be completed on many pages of this Site. The most important, however, would here be the final outcome: yours personal, new understanding of such deeply heterogeneous complex of aspects, which together shape our approach to the technique of playing, practicing and teaching the piano.

Let you feel free to ask about any aspect of the matter you might be interested in. Thank you!

Actualized: 2004-11-13