Chopin's Method generates the real Quality in playing the piano – always and everywhere!

Yes, and it has been practically verified – at first: in many years long Prof. H. Neuhaus' piano teaching in The Moscow Conservatoire of Music.

But as well – "si parva licet componere magnis" in my own everyday practice in Finland, Poland and periodically in other countries, too. My pedagogic experience totally attests the certain, very important matter: these both great – Chopin's and Neuhaus' piano methods are fully AVAILABLE to any piano teacher...

However the teaching in itself, being so deeply dependent on individuality of a teacher and on individuality of a student, could even be interpreted as a nearly mysterious process, the pedagogic RULES yet, precisely determined by Masters, could and should positively be retrieved and put into everyday usage of any pianist and teacher of the piano.

The possibility of practical usage of the knowledge, that being formally known worldwide factually has been USELESS for many, many years – doubtlessly exists.

The Chopin & Neuhaus' system is very effective in teaching the very little talented children, too. In addition, it yields truly good results in teaching on any schooling levels. That is why it could be seen as the actually proper solution to us all, concert pianists, students of the piano, teachers and – why not – lovers of this fantastic instrument! I am profoundly assured that as well the jazz pianists might found in Chopin's Method the very generous source of inspiration.

For some years, I started to study that most mysterious subject in the whole history of piano – the Chopin's Method. Nowadays my experiments are finished: practical results of my pedagogic experiments have definitely approved THIS hypothesis:

"The Chopin's Method generates the real QUALITY in playing the piano - always and everywhere, especially - if becomes understood via the H. Neuhaus' pedagogic perspective."

After long-time experiments I am assured I may say, it is possible to consider the Chopin's and the Neuhaus' Methods as a ONE harmonious piano pedagogic solution. If you would like to use it in your personal piano practice, you will surely be ready to say in the truly short time: this formula works exceptionally well!

For deeper knowledge related to piano pedagogical rules of the Chopin & Neuhaus' kind, you just have to go to the site map and enter the miraculous world of The Method.

I sincerely suggest reading the FAQ-page, too.

Much Luck! – Stefan K.

Last revised: 2006-12-11