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Using the Chopin & Neuhaus' Method in my everyday piano-pedagogical work for about ten years, I gradually forgot all difficulties, which were so typical to my former, likely traditional model of teaching the piano. Putting such coherent, effective and clear system into action I gradually noticed that the whole process became fully enjoyable to my students, too. They started to play better and it becomes clear that they just started to practice the piano with pleasure...

My Honorable Internet Visitors asked sometimes for more precise clarification of particular aspects related to their personal, mainly, piano technical problems. That is how the idea of this page had come to light: I decided to publish hereby the certain parts of their messages and, of course - my answers on them.

Here you are some particular questions and personal answers. Moreover, all of you are very warmly invited to post your individual comments that might enrich our Collection of Piano-Pedagogical Transparency. This page is actually open to you, too!

Any your comment is truly welcomed!

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