This has happened within some last years...

CHOPIN - YEAR (...2000)

  At 2000-03-10 in Parkano, at 2000-03-19 in Ikaalinen and at 2000-04-04 in Uusikaupunki my students from The Ylä-Satakunnan College of Music have given the concerts presenting Chopin's Method results of practical use of the Chopin's Method. The repertoire presented on these concerts included as well works of Chopin, as of other composers (from Bach up to the modern Finnish piano music).


 Within 6 - 7 of May 2000 I gave master-classes in the College of Music in SUOMUSSALMI (Finland). The local Authorities organized this course.


 Within 26 of June - 9 of July 2000 I have given master-courses in Krynica-Spa (Poland). This course has been organized by Polish Section of the European Piano Teachers Association and was particularly intended for the Polish young pianists, winners of domestic and international piano competitions.

AUGUSTÓW 2000 / Poland

 Within 10 - 18 of July 2000, and 20 - 28 of July 2000 I have given the master-classes in Augustow (Poland); this courses were organized by the private manager, still under support of Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts.

Master-Classes KIELCE-2000

 Within 24 - 26 of November 2000 I have given the master-course in Kielce (Poland). This course has been organized by the Chopin Music Association and the State College of Music in Kielce. In this course there were the 10 participants (the all - winners of domestic - Polish, and international piano competitions for children and youth): Jagoda & Monika Zulichowska, Katarzyna Gawel (from Cracov), Marek Bracha and Krzysztof Stanienda from Warsaw, Piotr Fidelus from Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Grzegorz Glowacki & Szczepan Konczal from Katowice, Pawel Sobowiec from Lublin and Pawel Wakarecy from Torun. As well, the young students of the piano from the Kielce region have taking part in this course - and, of course - many teachers of the piano from numerous Polish schools and colleges of music have been coming to us. This Course has been realized thanks to friendly help of the Head Regional Council of Swietokrzyskie voivodeship in Kielce as well as thanks to hospitality of Executives of the City of Kielce.

Chopin-Neuhaus' Information

 Starting from spring 2001 the "particular questions and personal answers" related to the Chopin-Neuhaus' Method become published on my Web site. All the pianists and music lovers, interested in the newest findings in this field, are hearty welcomed!

Piano master-courses in Krynica-Spa, 2001 (Poland)

 I've given classes at these courses that have being organized by EPTA-Poland within 2001-06-26 and 2001-07-10 in Krynica-Spa (Poland) for teachers of the piano and the young Polish pianists, winners of international and domestic (Polish) piano-competitions.

Chopin & Neuhaus' curses in the 'J. Elsner' College

 As the continuation of my piano pedagogic activity, at Autumn 2001 I have given the Chopin-Neuhaus' Method seminar and course, intended for students and teachers of the piano in one of the Polish leading Colleges of Music - in the famous 'J. Elsner' College in Warsaw. These classes were intended for students of the 'Brzewski' Special College of Music, too (a unique college for especially talented Polish musical youth) and could been realized thanks to friendly invitation of Prof. Teresa Manasterska.

Kielce - 2001

 The Chopin-Neuhaus' Method courses for the highly talented piano youth have been continued in the Autumn 2001 in co-operation with the Chopin-Society.

A new experiment

 Starting from the Autumn 2001 I begun a piano pedagogic experiment with selected group of my Finnish pupils: the checked structure might be described as possibilities to stimulate the piano technical growth increasing the students' abilities to resonate emotionally on the proposed musical image. Results of this experiment indisputably assured the thesis. They become systematically published in the Internet, at time - in the Polish language only. Elements of such knowledge could be found yet, for instance, via this link.

Olsztyn 2002 (Poland)

 This course (2002-04-27 - 2002-05-05) represented the very special kind: factually here were the three courses (lines) simultaneously - A. - a course for Prize-winners of domestic (Polish) and international piano competitions for the piano youth, B. - a course for advanced young pianists and C. - a seminar for the piano teachers. The Course has being organized with friendly help of Olsztyn Philharmonic Orchestra and Olsztyn State College of Music, and sponsored by Cominvest Ltd., Warsaw (Poland). The seminar's subject was the Chopin & Neuhaus Method's practice. The course-repertoire for the B-line depended on the participants' free choice (up to Liszt's Studies, Beethoven's last Sonatas, pieces of Prokofiev and Debussy).

The participants of the A-line have played such piano concertos as follow:

Monika Cichocka (Olsztyn): J. S. Bach - Concerto A Major, the 1st Part

Michal Kozlowski (Gdynia): J. S. Bach - Concerto D Minor, the 1st Part

Krzysztof Przybyla (Warszawa): J.S. Bach - Concerto F Minor, the 1st Part

Joanna Rozewska (Siedlce): C. M. von Weber - Konzerstück F Minor op. 79 (the whole piece)

Mateusz Moleda (Dresden, Germany): F. Liszt - Concerto No 1, E flat Major (the whole piece)

Katarzyna Malinowska (Wroclaw): F. Chopin, Concerto E Minor op. 11, the 1st Part

The Olsztyn State Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied them within whole course duration as well as at the Final concert under conduction of its artistic director, Mr. Jerzy Kosek. The pedagogic work hereby had been shared with Dr. Michal Szczepanski, the very talented Polish pianist and piano pedagogue, a lecturer of the piano at Academy of Music in Wroclaw.

Krynica 2002 (Poland)

 Traditionally I have given my Summer-courses for the most advanced Polish piano youth in Krynica-Spa; in 2002 it happened within 25 of June and the 5th of July. This course was organized by EPTA-Poland under meaningful protection of the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts in Warsaw.

Wroclaw 2002 (Poland)

 In September I have given my master-classes in Wroclaw. The J. Hofmann Society has organized this happening in the most proper and amazing place - the Club of Music and Literature in Wroclaw. The course was very well received and had truly positive resonance.

Krynica 2003 (Poland)

 Traditionally I have given my Summer-courses for the most advanced Polish piano youth in Krynica-Spa, this year it happened within 23 of June and the 4th of July. This course, as always, was organized by EPTA-Poland and protected by the Polish Ministry of Culture and Arts in Warsaw.

Rzeszow 2004 (Poland)

 This course has been organized for the first time by-and-in the State 'Karol Szymanowski' College of Music in the City of Rzeszow and was planned as the

1. Pedagogical seminar for teachers from region of the South-East Poland,

...and as

2. The piano course for most advanced piano students from the 'Szymanowski' College. Polish Ministry of Culture as well as the local Authorities and Sponsors have supported the course and a seminar. The seminar and course have been hold within 21 - 25 of January 2004.

Klodzko 2004 (Poland)

 This seminar has been hold in the very beauty, beloved by tourists, small City of Klodzko (region of the Lower-Silesia, Poland) within 25 of June and 4 of July 2004. It was intended for teachers of the piano from the whole Poland. The Seminar included lectures, panel discussions, open-lessons and many joyous form of music making on the piano. The Association of Polish Musicians (Lower-Silesian Section of this organization) arranged this event. I became very proud sharing the pedagogic duties hereby with famous piano-pedagogue, Mrs. Miroslawa Preuschoff-Kazmierczak from Poznan.

Olsztyn 2004 (Poland)

 This year the Olsztyn International Piano Workshop has been hold for the third time. More than 30 active Participants from Poland, Germany, France, USA and Singapore have taken part in the Course; 23 teachers of the piano from Poland, Ukraine and Russia took part in the pedagogical seminar that has been hold parallel to the Course.

Swiebodzin 2004 (Poland)

 This pedagogical seminar has been arranged by The State Z. Noskowski School of Music in Swiebodzin/Poland after initiative of Mr. Sebastian Cieslinski, who participated in my summer-seminar in Klodzko. The whole event was focused on the newest tendencies in interpretation of the keyboard music of J. S. Bach.

Wroclaw 2004 (Poland)

 My Autumn-Classes in Wroclaw became traditional, too. The 10 active Participants took part in the master-course and 26 teachers of the piano participated in piano-pedagogical seminar that, this time, was pointed on the piano basic technical schooling according to Jozef Hofmann's principles (let you have a look at this link, too! Thank you!). The active-Participants have come to the Course from the Colleges of Music in Wroclaw, Rzeszow, Kalisz and Nysa as well, as from the Academies of Music in Wroclaw and in Poznan.

Etc, etc...

Today, 2008-03-05 I decided to make finish with this catalogue... It is much more productive to organize and give the courses or to write the papers than to so precisely describe about history of this activity...

I started to create this page in 2001. As you see, after year 2004, I did not put any one entry herein. Between 2004 and 2008 I have given more and more classes in Poland, Finland, France, I recorded hundreds of audio-files, helping tens of tens piano students worldwide, some of them even became our Guests here in Finland. It is much enough to be truly happy. 

The Olsztyn-era is finished; in 2008 begins "new age"...


 Future courses, classes and seminars.

 Participants (some names) of participants of my former courses, classes and seminars.



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